Planned shutdown of the server June 14th 3AM to 5AM

With the ever growing number of new members and posts we are again getting close to the limits of capacity of our current server. You might have experienced some of the problems caused by this last week.

So our new Gold Sponsor Scribe Software is coming like called, as this allow us to move to a bigger server.

Therefore please expect that our website will be shutdown tonight Wednesday June 11th. from 2 AM CET (GMT-1) (moved to Thursday June 12th) (and now to Saturday June 14th) and two to four hours.

Our internet host somehow didn’t get around to do the upgrade this morning. So right now it means that the upgrade is expected to happen tomorrow instead.

Therefore NOW please expect that our website will be shutdown tonight Thursday June 12th. from 3 AM CET (GMT-1) and two to four hours.

Well a little update here. First it was scheduled to take place yesterday. Then it was started this morning - which was why the system was not accessible for a much longer time this morning! But they had some issues in trying to upgrade it, so instead they are going to do it tomorrow morning instead…

Thanks Erik, I’ll plan on DUG not being available Monday [;)]

I certainly hope it will!! But then again. I will post an update when the update has been done…

The update of the server has now been completed

We are back on business. [:D]

So we are - and hopefully a bit faster than before (although there wasn’t really anyone who have complained)…

Yes it is faster i can feel it :slight_smile:

I’m very happy to hear that. I thought only I felt this!