Planned Purchase orders in the lead time window with purchase orders already created to cover demand

D365 Finance and Ops. I have dynamic negative days set up. I have a raw material with a 90 day lead time. I have orders due next week to cover demand, but my demand was due last week. The system is giving a planned PO message to arrive last week, even though the lead time is 90 days and the negative days should be considering the PO coming in next week.

You would have to show the net requirements, the obvious point being can it use the order or is it already consumed, the fact you have negative days set does not mean it is not considering the PO, it could be marked to other demand etc. What are the action messages telling you etc.?

The actions are to cancel the PO due 8/21 due to the planned PO 7/18. But I don’t have lead time to get a planned PO in a month ago. I thought dynamic negative days would keep me from getting buy messages inside my lead time window. There is old demand that needs cleaned up, but I still thought that the system would cancel the buy message when the firm PO was issued.

What is the negative days setting in this instance? Less than the Leadtime of the purchased product? Are you using dynamic negative days?

What is the coverage code and how are your actions and delays configured for the group?

Negative days are set at 2 (lead time is 30 days) and yes we are using dynamic negative days. Coverage code is period 30. Action - yes time fence 100 days. Delay - yes time fence 0.

MRP does not like looking backwards and reacting to it, it causes its normal calculations to struggle from memory.

In your example you should have dealt with this 6 weeks ago when running planning, you have demand for 7/18 and no ability to fulfill it. If you were to run planning on 7/18 your calculation would be (Purchase LT + Negative Days + (Current Date - Req Date)) which in that case would give you 32, 32 days on from 07/18 is 8/19 and therefore your PO is late. As a simple test set your negative days to 5 what happens then?

Also in the action messages I imagine you are basing this on “Requirement Date”, if you are set it to “Futures Date” and see if that changes anything on the calculation without the cange to 2 days.

Ultimately trying to work backwards is a pain, set the confirmation date on the sales order to the future, set the date on production to be correct, why are you still working on orders that should have been completed 5 weeks ago. Plan forward it will work better.

Thanks for your help. I changed it to Delayed date, I didn’t have an option for futures date. I reran MRP with no change. I changed to 5 negative days, but also no change. As soon as they receive the PO, the buy message will go away, but I was hoping to figure out how to stop the message if I already have a PO in place.

Sorry Futures is old terminology for Delayed.

Okay, I presume you ran a full regen to check?

Next is to change the negative days to 35 days, this should then ignore the calculation anyway and see the PO in time for the demand.

If that works it is then a case of reducing it to the days where it suggests the cancel and see what it wants, go 30 after.

If you set the scenario up forward, meaning the demand is 09/01 and the PO is 09/22 then that should work, if that does not there is something else at play than the working historical for the calculation.