Picture Storage /Retrieve

I have a Table that contains a field named Picture of BLOB subtype. My Qs is where now do i locate the actual picture? As in where are the pictures stores and how?

Pictures are stored in SQL Server has a blob field. In Navision you have several function to import / export information from blogs. You look at item card in picture you have a real example of using that.

Ok say like u have created a new employee and would like to add the photo for the employee, how do u do it and whats the location (where its stored in navision) of the photo?

Likewise when retrieving the photo say like a report u will need the path to the photo in order to call it. How do u manage this?


No, you don’t. The picture is stored inside the database in a BLOB field. As Nuno suggested, look at form 346 (MenuItems in MenuButton Picture) to easily learn how to handle it.

When you want to print the pic just perform a CALCFIELDS of the abovesaid bolb field and put it as the SourceExpr of a control