Picking list sorting - inventory management

Is there any possibility to change sorting of picking (or any other) form? We are only planning to implement Inventory management at this stage. Our goal is to have the picking list to be sorted by location. Alphabetical order would be fine due to way of aisles, racks, etc have been named. The picking list shall be posted from sales order.

Sorting manually on sales order view or picking list view doesn’t do anything, because it always reverts back to the original sorting (sales lines numbers, I guess).

Accounts receivable → Setup → Forms → Form sorting doesn’t do anything because that one only applies when multiple documents are being printed.

Sort codes don’t do anything because they are for the picking work etc. for Warehouse management.

It is really hard to believe we have to implement Warehouse management only for sorting lines for document?

What does that mean?

Do you want the sorting applied on picking list posting form (or) the picking list report?

I meant sorting the rows in grid at sales order or at the view just before printing the picking list. The goal was to sort the printable picking list.

Anyway, while re-investigating the issue in D365 environment I actually managed to get the picking list sorted the way I wanted by using sort codes for locations. So it seems that does not apply for WHS only, but for inventory managemt also.

This is the case with Dynamics 365 at least, I guess it’s the same for AX2012?? Haven’t been able to confirm yet.

Printing the report after applying sorting on the grid (form) may not work in all cases.
Have you tried by setting the sort code on the locations?