Picking list get doubled in processing the production order

Hi All

Whenever i am processing the Production order, the picking list got generated twice and the realised consumption and cost shows double. Picking list journal get double when when i process the RAF stage. Please advise me the solution and why it is happening.



Your parameters at the RAF stage for the picking list wil not be none, and this is true at the start stage as well. I would guess you have flushing principle on one and Always on another which would auto-create the journal twice, and if you have selected the post option it would also post it.

it is ok now as i was using in the start stage i am using “Always” and in RAF in am using “Flushing Principle” . Is this the correct setup

The correct setup depends upon what you want to do, but if you set an item with the flushing principle as “Finish” it would double consume with these settings. Makes no sense to create everything at start and then RAF through flushing principle unless it is always none.

Actually what i want is to make the production and track the inventory consumption, which should be as we defined in the BOM. Can u little explain me the five steps that we are following while making the production order. What i understand is:

Estimation: We are estimating the consumption of raw material.

Scheduling : When we are starting the production

Start: Production Start with the inventory deduction based on BOM defined.(Here i define bom Consumption “Always”)

RAF : your production finish and define if Error quantity is their.(Here i define bom Cunsumption “Flushin principle”)

End: End the process

What should be the setup


The setup is not relevant to these steps, but there are critical setup points on each update.

If you want to track inventory consumption I will presume you mean “manually”. This means you create the picking list at start, as you do with “Always” then you report consumption by posting the created picking list journal. At RAF you do nothing with the picking list, you have already posted it, so you define the BOM as Never.