Picking list for production order post failed

Hi There,

There is a picking list journal generated when i start the production order, when i finished started the production order, then i go to the picking list journal list and tried to post it.

but i got the error as below:

I checked the main accounts in the picture above with the main accounts that are configured in the “item group” that related to the items. Unfortunately, none of them are existed in the “item group” main accounts.

My question is what main accounts will be used when i post the “picking list” for production order?

many thanks.

The posting that happen during production picking list for references like Production, picking list, Production offset account picking list additionally if overheads are present then references for Estimated indirect absorption, Estimated indirect absorption offset would occur.

There are few other places you need to look at: Item, Resource, Production group, Cost group etc… depending upon the type of Ledger selected for production. Check the settings in Costing sheet for Indirect absorption related accounts for your production overhead nodes.