Pick Worksheet - how do I create a new one?

Hi Guys,

How on earth do I create a new pick worksheet? Right now I only have pick worksheets for location Blank, Green and Silver, but I want for other locations as well. I’ve tried to Customize Ribbon and add the “New” button, but it does not get added. What am I missing here? Are these worksheets created automatically based on some conditions of the location?




follow http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh173205(v=nav.71).aspx

maybe you have to setup other inventory locations for that.


Hi Archer,

Thanks for the link - I had already gone through that instruction, but didn’t get any closer… My Location is set up for both Pick and Shipment, so I don’t know what more I can do setting up the location. There must be some other idea behind the Pick Worksheets which is not described in the documentation.

Anybody else?


Found the solution which is not decribed anywhere in the official documentatation!!! (…as far as I can see…)

Anyways, here goes: In the search box, you write “Whse. Worksheet Template”. You select the line you want to ad a new worksheet for and click the Navigate tab. Here there is a button called Names and in that window you can create a new one.

In addition you also have to be set up as a Warehouse Employee for that location.