Pick Ticket

Hi everyone, When you create a pick the only option to do that is by Choosing Create Pick from a Warehouse Shipment. I did not see a function to add to that pick from other whse. shipments. So, maybe it is a very dumb question [:I], but why didn’t Navision then add a Whse Shipment No on the Whse Pick header? Is there another way of adding to a pick that would make it to contain more than one whse. shipment? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks, Cristi Nicola

Hi Cristian, When you create a warehouse shipment and do “Get source document”, you can retrieve as many as released sales orders you want. So when you will create a pick, that picking No will contain as many as shipment that you want to do. Hope it helps. Tatiana.

With Nav 3.6, if you have WMS. You can use pick worksheet to use several warehouse shipments. Tatiana

If you use the Pick worksheet, you can use the Get Whs documents functions, which should allow you to fetch all Shipments,Internal Picks,and Production related picks. From there you can filter, sort, delete lines and create “combined” picks.

Hi guys, Thanx for your comments. I guess this is what happens when you spend too much time on one client. You forget how standard Navision works. I my client’s case they always create a pick ticket from a whse. shipment so it makes sense but you are right there are other ways of creating pick tickets. Thank you all again for your comments. Cristi