Pick single line from sales order

Is there a good way to take a single line from a sales order (assume that I already have the line I want) and do an inventory pick on the line? I want to avoid picking the entire order, and just pick the individual line. I’ve been scratching my head over this for a good bit, and if anyone could lend a hand, I would really appreciate it. ^^

You can pick any sales order line (without affecting the others) by highlighting the line and doing ‘Update line’ → ‘Pick’.

The inventory transactions for the line are shown. Hit ‘Add picking list update’. The transaction moves to the ‘Picking list updates’ area. Enter required dimensions (Site, Warehouse, Location, whatever) that you wish to pick. Adjust the quantity, if necessary. Hit ‘Register all’.

The quantity is now picked.

These instructions assume AX 2012. It was there in earlier versions, but some buttons had different labels, if I recall correctly.

Thanks for the reply! I should have specified though, I’m looking to do this through code. I’ve looked at how it’s done through the menu, but that depends on form data sources that wouldn’t be typically created in code that exists only in a class. Is there a straightforward way to do that as well?