Physical inventory w/ Bin in 3.7A (possible Bug?)

I found a serious problem with the Navision physical inventory calculation in the PIJ (Physical Inventory Journal). The location is just checked on Bin Mandatory without direct put-aways, etc. Now if you have an item with multiple units of measure in the remaining quantity and you do the Calculate Inventory function in the PIJ, it only calcuate the QUANTITY instead of QTY. (BASE) on the Warehouse Entry table!! This causes the QTY. (CALCUATED) in the PIJ to totally incorrect!! Does anyone else have this problem?

Ok, I found exactly where the problem is: In the Calculate Inventory process, under the Integer dataitem onAfterGetRecord() WhseEntry.SETRANGE(“Bin Code”,WhseEntry.“Bin Code”); WhseEntry.CALCSUMS(Quantity); UpdateBuffer(WhseEntry.“Bin Code”,WhseEntry.Quantity); WhseEntry.FIND(’+’); Item.COPYFILTER(“Bin Filter”,WhseEntry.“Bin Code”); Should be WhseEntry.SETRANGE(“Bin Code”,WhseEntry.“Bin Code”); //WhseEntry.CALCSUMS(Quantity); //UpdateBuffer(WhseEntry.“Bin Code”,WhseEntry.Quantity); WhseEntry.CALCSUMS(“Qty. (Base)”); UpdateBuffer(WhseEntry.“Bin Code”,WhseEntry.“Qty. (Base)”); WhseEntry.FIND(’+’); Item.COPYFILTER(“Bin Filter”,WhseEntry.“Bin Code”); This will give the correct value on the field on the Qty.(Calculated)

Did you report this as a bug?

No, not yet… Just wanted to posted it here first in case this is not a bug.