Physical Inventory Journal - Nav 4 SP2

Hi Forum, is it possible to calculate the Phys. Inv. Journal by Lot No. I have tried calculating it by Lot No by adding Lot No Filter to the item tab and entering a Lot No. value but it still produces a journal for all items regardless of whether they are Item Tracked or not. What we are trying to achieve is to produce a Phys. In. Journal split down by Lot No. For example, if item 3233 had a total inventory of 900 and this item had 3 different Lot No’s I would like to see three lines generated in the Phys. Inv. Jnl, one line for each lot no. showing qty calculated for each Lot No. Any suggestions would be appreciated…Paul

In the way physical Inventory is designed you can’t archive that. When customers suggest that kind of requirement I recommend changing physical inventory report to break items by Lot number. When you use advanced warehouse features in physical inventory you can to that.

The physical inventory journal for lot tracked items is useless and in my opinion NAV really does not provide a good tool for entering physical counts for lot tracked items. What you are asking for can be done but not without a good bit of code; not really a topic for end users.

Thanks Nuno and Jack for the input, (I’m keeping you busy Nuno). Nuno, you talk about Advanced Warehouse, I dont see a granule for that on the price list, can you explain more please…Paul

When you check in location card field “Directed Put-away and Pick” you will enabled warehouse advanced features. For example inventory will be made in Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal. The drawback is that this will enabled some features such as pick, put way and some customers don’t need that.

Thanks Nuno, I know what you mean now. My Customer would not want Pick and Put away either as they have no need for it. Thanks for you help…Paul