physical inventory journal (multible items)

We are having an issue with the physical inventory journal. When we calculate inventory in the physical inventory journal we are coming up with some items that have multible entries. 1061 of a total of 3939 items have more than one entry. Our consultant is sending this to thier programer and having it fixed but was wondering why(they are going to chang report 790 so it has the total inventory count for each item on one line). They don’t seem to have a reason for the multible entries. The issue is that we have a dataport that brings in the inventory counts to the physical inventory journal. It will only adjust one line the way it is written. so we have been having problems with the inventory coming out incorrect because no one noticed that there where more than one line in the journal. really want to know why there would be more than one line for each item - the dimensions are the same in the item ledger entry table for those items. Hope this makes a little sense. thanks sam

Hi Anything that is different on the line will cause a second entry, or more. Essentially the journal line will create a separate line for different variants, locations or bins. Check one of the items, inventory by location, this would be my guess. You will not be able to fix this as it is probably not an error in the generation of the report, if you “fix” it and then force an incorrect count back in the actual stock will naturally be different from the navision stock. Look for the reason for the difference before deciding to fix it.

Thanks - I double checked the “item by location” and there isn’t any locations ;). We are only one location. There are no bins and such - it is just odd. I don’t know what else to look at. thanks sam

Hi Examine on the line the difference between two lines of the same item where it is split. Apart from the quantity and any line cost fields does a difference exist? Do you have one with a blank location and another with your one location? Failing this is the routine to calculate the inventory modified? If it is I would say you have an error here. I am not aware of any issues in this routine, but you have not said which version you are on. Certainly from 2.01 upwards I have never encountered any issues of this nature in the standard routine.