Physical Inventory and financial inventory storage dimension warehouse

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Does anyone know what will happen if i don’t select the physical inventory and financial inventory warehouse in storage dimension group.

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If Physical is unchecked, then system will not validate quantity at the time of issue. If the item is not available in concerned warehouse, it will look for items at other warehouse simply because inventory is maintained at site level. Ideally it should be checked.

If Financial is unchecked, system will not maintain inventory warehouse wise. Just for example, you receive two items at $10 and $20 in warehouse A and B. If financial is unchecked then system will take running average of both warehouse else it will take cost warehouse wise. ideally this should be checked too.


If you booked an item into Warehouse 1 and Site 1 at $500 and the same item into Warehouse 2 site 1 at $300. (cost FIFO)

If you unticked physical inventory from warehouse you could pick 2 from warehouse 1 because the check is at site where you have 2. At the same time if you looked at the cost and unticked financial inventory from warehouse the cost of each would be $400.

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