Physical Dimension problems

Hello MBS-Navision World. Has anyone had a problem posting a Physical Inventory Journal due to Code Mandatory Dimensions not being present. Kind regards David

Hi David I have not, but is the code mandatory from the GL account being posted to or against the item? In version 4 I booked in an item, then flagged it with a dimension with code manfatory and then ran a physical inventory journal - the suggested line had no dimension, I could freely add and remove stock, posting it correctly, in a serialised environment.

Hi Steven, Thanks for the reply. I should of said that this was in version 3.70 although the functionality seems more or less the same in version 4.00. No the complaining message seems to be against the mandatory dimension being offset against an item. Choosing “By Dimensions” on the Options tab of the Calculate Inventory does seem to go some way to attaching local dimensions to the Item Journal Lines but this doesn’t always apply! Thanks for your help. Cheers David

The calculate inventory report used to populate the physical inventory journal does not use the default dimensions associated with the items. In fact, the only dimensions that are attcahed to the journal lines are those selected on the options tab of the report request form. I have modified this report to attach the default dimensions for the item to the journal lines as they are created. The InsertItemJnlLine function in this report validates the Item No. which pulls in the default dimensions for the item. Then a little bit later those dimensions are deleted and replaced with only those dimensions slected by the user with values taken from the item ledger entries used to calculate the quantities. You can remove the section of code that deletes the default dimensions and modify the section that adds the dimensions to insert or modify depending on whether or not the dimension already exists for the journal line.

Just ran this through in versoin 3.70 and as per the same circumstances as earlier I do indeed get the dimension issue. It seems in version 4 the posting of the correction journal references the dimensions from the item and therefore does not encounter your issue. I recommend you report it to your NSC, tell them it is resolved in version 4.0 and ask for the fix.

Hi Steve, Thanks for your help. I still get the same error in version 4.00 as well, even worst, it didn’t seem to apply a dimension even when By Dimensions was applied. Hi Jack, Thanks for your help also. I thought that it may need a code change, I just wanted to be sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong in the 1st place. Thanks for the tips. Cheers David PS. Did you have any problem with performing a Physical Inventory on Blocked items? I would of thought that a physical inventory was required on blocked items too, regardless on whether they could be sold or not!

Hi David If I run the journal in 4.00 by Dimension and either positive or negative adjust the items by dimensions (which are showing on the line dimensions option for the item line) and I can post it fine with code mandatory. So a couple of questions. 1. What is your inventory position and what are the adjustments being made? 2. What are the associated dimension settings on the item? 3. Have you any modifications in the physical inventory journal or dimension area? 4. What are your dimension settings in the database. 5. Try this with Cronus on item 80103-T it works fine for me! Basically - what are you doing that produces this error that I am not [:D]

Hi Steven, Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t get started with item 80103-T due to serial no. tracking plus our version of Cronus 4.00 had no dimensions set against it. Try this in version 4.00: .Item 1100 - Front Wheel .Create the following Default Dimension .Dimension Code - AREA .Dimension Value Code - 50 .Value Posting - Code Mandatory .In your Physical Inv. Jnl .Functions → Calculate Inventory .Item Tab .No. - 1100 .Options Tab .Posting Date - Today .Document No. - T02001 .Items Not on Inventory - Left un-ticked. .By Dimensions - Left blank. Click on OK. Line comes in okay for Item 1100, Qty 152, Positive Adjmt. If you check .Line .Dimensions .The cupboard is bare, so to speak! Thanks for your help. Cheers David

Hi David Lose you at the end slightly! I have done the first part, then on the second run I goto the options tab and hit the by dimensions option, I put a tick in the selected box against the dimension area and it brings in the full quantity in stock. So what are we doing different?