Physical Cycle Count

Hi Guys,

I am not sure if this is already raised in the forum but I am still in the process of looking at it. Can someone help us on this one, because we are going to run Cycle counting and we are looking for help in :
a) How to start it up ( fields to be completed , any other preparatory work required )?
b) What is the easiest way to do the above ( are there recognised shortcuts )?
c) How too prepare and run reports?
d) How to process results?
e) How to manage the process ( i.e. can you put tolerances on transactions so that any count out with this tolerance requires a supervisor to perform )?
f) Reports from these counts?

Do you have any documentation on this one besides written on the manual. Please advise us. Many thanks in advance.



Can you tell if you are using warehouse advanced features?


I have checked their license. I cannot sew any Warehouse name in it. Only in the Inventory - Cycle Counting.



I have not looked at this in 5, so this is pre-5!

Each item needs to be set up with a physical inventory counting Period Code. This denotes how often you count it. There is no generation of this basis, but it follow pareto (memory tells me they were changing this in 5/6). Then you can use the update counting period to define the next period for counting. The next step is to generate the entries due on the physical inventory journal, this beings in everything due to be counted in teh period. The posting of the results should update the last period update, then you have to generate the next period. Do not think there are any standard reports. In my opinion this is a very weak representation of teh concept of cycle counting. Quite a few enhancements were made from 3-4 but no idea if they got accepted or not.

In physycal Inventory Journal you have Functions and the option Calculate Counting Period.

With this option you can display a list of items and need to be counted that need to relate to counting periods.

Item list then is printed using standard report Whse. Phys. Inventory List

many thanks Adam. I also run through the process and you are correct the system is very weak in terms of cycle counting.


many thanks for you input. cheers!