Phsical Inventory Count Sheets

I am about to do our first inventory with Navision (way overdue). I am simply trying to print out my inventory numerically with out any separation based on item attributes. I can do it using a simple Item List, but there is no space to record counts. The Vendor Worksheet splits my items up by categories we use. I see the Physical Inventory Count (Financial Management>Inventory>Reports) and it looks promising, but I can not get it to populate correctly. Does anyone have a step by step on how to use this thing?

Thanks so much for taking the time.

What you have seen is a report,

You can check in the manufacturing menu for physical inventory form, where in you have the option to get calculated inventory count, where you can enter the actual physicla inventory and NAV will automatically adjust the inventory, after that you just need to post the unposted entries.

Thanks for taking a look. I do not have the Manufacturing Module. Do you know of a way to simply get an easy to use printable counting sheet that does not separate the items?

Might be easiest to dump the report into an Excel shee and make the seperate column for Actual count.


In Navision Inventory count is done in this way:

  • Open Warehouse / Inventory / Phys.Inv Journal
  • Select Functions / Calculate Inventory, fill in the fields and run it

now Journal is created, and THIS is the source for “count sheets” - push Print… , here you can select if calculated Qty is printed or no etc etc.

When counting is finished, you enter the results in this same Journal an post it.

Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed.