Phantom shortcut key?

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed the following or ever seen anything similar to this? It is not really a problem - Just an oddity I thought worth mentioning. Open Navision and open the Object Designer. Click on an object you have design rights to. Now open the File menu, but just leave the list up. Instead of choosing an option on the screen, press the ‘i’ key on your keyboard. This will open the object in design mode, even though there is no menu option for the shortcut key ‘i’! This seems to happen in all ther versions I have tried it in. Odd! [:D]

Hi Edward, If you look very closely at the Design menu choice on the File Menu, you will see the i in Design is underlined. This of course makes it the keyboard shortcut. Try Alt F I and it will open the object for design too. In the file menu they used D for the Send choice and used i for the design choice even though on the object designer form the shortcut is D for Design. Steve

The trick is to open the menu with Alt+F, otherwise XP will not show the underlined letters… like this you will se the underlined i that Steve mentions… though you’re completly right, having used Alt-d directly to open objects, I never “saw” those first 3 menu items in the File Menu… Saludos Nils

I am more worried about how much time Edward has on his hands to find these things [:D]


I am more worried about how much time Edward has on his hands to find these things [:D]
Originally posted by SBWEAVER - 2006 Apr 04 : 16:48:51

Well if the new Doctor Who series starts next week, then he won’t have any spare time [:D]

With payroll and year end season having arrived, I have very little spare time at the moment!! [:D] Then I will have to move house (My landlord is selling up) - Then I need to replace my car as I have had it a few years … I think I turned 30 last month as well…

And still you have time to find these quirks!!! Best of luck with all of that hassle and of course congratulations on getting to 30. [:D]