Phantom BOM and Routing Links

Hi I am setting up a Manufacturing environment in NA 3.10. We want to produce Item A100, which consists of a component (B10) that needs an operation. After this this phantom item is used together with 2 operations to make A100. A100 (Item) B10 (Component) OP5 (Operation) C10 (Item (Raw material)) OP1 (Operation) OP2 (Operation) This is the structure setup: Prod. BOM linked to Item A100 Lines: Phantom Bill ItemB10 qty=1 Route Linked to Item A100 OP1 : Cut piece runtime =2 minutes OP2 : Assemble piece runtime 10 minutes Originally i setup B10 as an item and linked a routing and a BOM to handle OP5 and C10, but this meant that when i finished OP5, i got C10 on inventory instead of still carrying it in WIP. I then changed to use a phantom bill on the Prod. BOM for A100 (see above), but now I cant control when the operation cost for OP5 occurs, because i cant link it to the Phantom Bill. If I use Routing Link code i get an error on the Phantom bill line, that link is not permitted. Am I missing somthing, so I can set it up to track every operation step and only end up with A100 on inventory and until then all cost is WIP?

I will ask the obvious question first: Why use the Phantom Bill? Item A100 is essentially made up of C10 with three operations attached OP1 withdraw raw material and work on it OP2 Cut resultant produce from OP1 OP3 Assemble item (Although I am not sure what you are assembling! [:D]) As a second point please check the following: The routing link code assigned to your BOM was specified on the routing prior to the BOM being created (it is a hiidden column on the routing) If it is not you get an error message regarding the routing link code in the BOM upon creation of the production order. I hope this helps

If we dont use Phantom Bill we have several end items that needs to be setup in inventory and BOM and routing needs to be linked to these. Furthermore when one of these components is recorded as output in the output journal it is put on inventory. Now when the next level in the Prod. BOM is recorded finished it consumes this component from inventory. We are trying to handle this multiple inventory. What happens is: Raw material is consumed from Location 1, but the output is also on Location 1 (eventhough the Production order is on location 2). When the Component is used further up in the BOM it is consumed from Location 1, which does not make sense, since the only inventory activity should be on locaction 1. Does this make sense?

Hi mjanum


Does this make sense?

errrrrmmm No! [:D] Please elaborate. Did the second part of the initial explanation assist with the routing link issue?