I looked around but I’m still not wrapping my head around this - or I am and there’s a bug. I client is trying to delete an inventory item. They get an error message that they are not permitted to delete records from the Value Entry table. They are logged in and assigned the SUPER role. Their license says Rimd for table 5802. (Which I think means they can’t delete records fro this table directly - another object with d permissions has to do that.) Codeunit 361 MoveEntries (which is calling .DELETEALL) has the following permissions (I removed the irrelevant ones): TableData Value Entry=rm So if I understand this setup correctly the client cannot delete Value Entry records. I would expect for the permissions on Codeunit 361 to be: TableData Value Entry=rmd at least. Have I got it right or am I still in the dark? Django

You have it right. It does sound odd. Since the value entries are not deleted, just the “Item No.” field is set to blank. PS its best not to delete items that have had transactions, instead create a flag like “inactive”::boolean, and filter it off the item list.