Permissions in Development Environment

Hi there, I am a completely new NAV user and in fact I am going through Microsoft’s DLP courses at the moment and trying to learn lots! I am getting a fairly standard error but need some help around how to fix it.

In the NAV Development environment I am getting the following message when clicking on Design: “You do not have permission to read the X table.”

So clearly I need some rights; however I am not sure how to assign them. I have imported the licence using PowerShell, and I have also restarted the services for the server the instance is using.

Is this referring to rights on the database objects in the SQL database, or some other application rights/security matrix?

I am using NAV 2018.

Thanks a lot.


Hi JD,

Unless you have added your own partner development license, then you will get the above messages.

The license which comes with a sandbox/demo environment is only for demo purposes and will only allow you to change a few of the objects.

Hi Erik, thanks for your reply. We downloaded the licence from PartnerSource, there was just one - a perpetual one, and I have loaded this against the environment I created. Is there another type of licence we are to obtain from somewhere else in order to enable the Development Environment? Cheers,JD.

You need to go to the PartnerSource Business Center, where you can configure your personal development licenses. The licenses available elsewhere on PS are only for demo’s. Same place as you configure the licenses you sell to your customers.