We have a requirement that a user other than the DBO user (sa) is able view the Session Table and delete idle sessions. I created a database admin role in Navision that has full permissions to the security objects and all the system tables (Table ID 2000000000 and greater) and assigned it to a test user. When I log in as the test user, and try to drilldown on the Current Sessions field in Database Information Form I recieve a SQL permssion error saying that I don’t have Select permission to the Session table in the DBO schema. I have even resorted to assigning permissions to this user on the Sessions View, and making the user part of the Database Owner Group, all without success. whay am i missing pls help

Did you “synchronize” the security model ?

See Tools, Security, “Synchronize all Logins”


See Tools, Security, “Database Logins or Windows Logins”, select the Test user and call “Tools”, Security", Synchronize Single Login"