Permission to modify "Sales Invoice Header" (112)

Hi all , We are using Navision Financials 2.6E version. Our licence include general ledger, Purchase, Inventory , Report , Table and Dataport designer and Sales& Receivables modules as you see in the list: Sales & Receivables - Basic Receivables 1 Sales & Receivables - Sales Invoicing 1 Sales & Receivables - Sales Order Management 1 Sales & Receivables - Sales Invoice Discount 1 Sales & Receivables - Customer/Item Discount 1 Sales & Receivables - Alternative Ship-to’s 1 But: I finf\d out , that we haven’t permission to change “Sales Invoice header” table(112) after posting. Can you tell me: what kind of licence I need to have a possibility to do it? ( I am interested to change at least oour ( new) part of field.) Many thanks.

Hi Jelena If you need to modify the physical structure of the table to contain new fields you would need a developer license (full), I believe, which is quite expensive and needs a lot of control and understanding of the system/business ()arguably). I recommend you talk this through with your NSC. - they would guide you and if they undertook the work I am sure it would be cheaper. If you wanted to change the physical data you could hit legal implications with this table as it maybe believed that you are adjusting figures for your own benefit - I would recommend in this instance issuing a credit memo and reissuing the invoice. Alternatively if this is a large error your NSC could write a fix to a field. In all I would recommend you start with your NSC. [:D]

Hi Steven, Thanks for your proposal. Of course I’ll ask my NSC about it.( Right now is vacation time) Yes , I know , that the legal way to change Sales data is Credit Memo and new Invoice. But it isn’t so fine, when I would like to change only one fields ( External document No. - for example). In this kind of changes are not involved GL account or Clients figures. e are talking only informative fields. That’s why I would like to change the table data. Thanks again. Jelena

Hi Jelena All posted document tables and Ledger Entry tables are protected tables. The best way to do what you want to do, is to create a code unit to do the changes and assign the permissions to the code unit. This is the way Navision works, eg look at Code Unit 80 “Sales-Post” and the permissions property. But remember Stevens warning [:)]

Hello, Two best codeunits to look at are: CU391 - “Shipment Header - Edit”, which shows you how the editable fields for Table 111 - “Sales Shipment Header”, which is also security protected, are made editable and: CU315 - “Sales Inv.-Printed”, which updates the “No. Printed” field in the Sales Invoice Header table when the Sales Invoice report is printed (So the report does not have to have the permissions assigned to it). Both codeunits have the relevant permissions assigned to them. Assigning these permissions to a new codeunit has to be done by someone possessing a solution developer’s licence (Such as an Solution Centre developer). Hope this is of help.

Hi Jelena There is feature called “in-line editing” that allows select fields to be edited in table that otherwise is protected from changes. Here in the US, this feature is used to change 1099 codes and amounts in the Vendor Ledger Entry table. You might approach your NSC about using this feature to enable editing of the external document number on posted invoices. Just remember to have the general ledger and customer ledger entries updated for the associated posted invoice.

Thanks all of you, I wrote some new codeunit with modify permission to this table and it works perfectly! It’s so pleasant, that there is plase where I can discuss my problem. Jelena

Hi can anybody explain me the how to enter a debit note in Navaision 3.6V. We r generally using Invoice as debit note through journal entry, but no supportive document we r getting which is supposed to send to customer/vendor.

In code unit 12, What ever you wnt to update before posting use Before Recordset.Insert update that value, You can find out your solution. Also in Code Unit 226 Use as per your requirement bye