Permission Table Field meaning

Permission Table (id: 2000000005)has some field and their functionality which I don’t quite understand.
field3:Object Type, Type:Option (Table Data,Table,Form,Report,Dataport,Codeunit,XMLport,MenuSuite,System)
Qs: whats the different between table and table data?

i read that by default navision will by default create values all yes to Read, Insert, Modify, Delete, Execute unless we change the field vlaues manually, is that right?

Table - This is the Table Objects themselves, the definition of the tables, the keys, and the trigger codes.
TableData - This refers to the data stored in the tables. This is what gives you permission to read or write the data in the database.

hi mohana_cse06,

much appreciate your reply, can i conclude that table is the object? if its so, i can’t recall where but i have seen some set access to table rather than table data.

furthermore the actions set to table was only execution and not edit/ insert/ delete… thats the reason i am not sure about the difference between table and table data.