Permission Sets overriding others

Does using the Basic or the D365 basic permission sets override ones that you create? Are there any others that will override? I am trying to restrict access to a page and I am wondering if having those permission sets in there as well are overriding things.

I know Basic would, as it contains a permission entry for Page 0. Which grants access to all pages. If you are trying to limit access to specific pages, you need to be sure none of the assigned permissions sets have Page 0.

So here is a permission to exclude Purchase order list and the card

And here are the permission sets of the user
I went through these and none of them say anything dealing with the purchase orders. But when I log in as this user I am still able to go to Purchase Orders and the pages I have excluded. What am I doing wrong?

Run the “Effective Permissions” page and filter for those 2 pages. That may help to find where those permissions are coming from.