Permission Error accessing Form

I have upgraded a client DB from 2.00 to 3.70.A. Logging in as a User in 3.70.A DB and trying to enter Sales Order, when I try entering Type as Item, I get the following Error. “You do not have permission to run the ‘Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision’ Form. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.” I did create a new Role “ALL - NO FORMS” from existing Role “ALL” and deleting line that gives permission to run all Forms. I don’t get error if I allow this line to remain but that would give user access to other forms which doen’t make sense. I have no clue tracing this. Can anybody help me with this. Thanks.

Actually the Form cause this error message is Form 343, Form 591, Form 6002, Form 6022, Form 6079, Form 99000833, Form 99000882, Form 99000884, Form 99000901, so you need to add the permission to execute these form at those existing Roles -or- add a new role and assign it to the user. Because of the version problem, you list maybe difference with my once. You can find out all the form with the name ‘Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision’, go to Tools > Security > Roles > Roles Button > Permissions > All Objects, then find the ‘Object Name’, then you can found out which form got this name.

Thanks Chee Wey Keck, It worked. I appreciate your help. So its Captions that matter. I checked for Captions on Object Designer too turning on Caption Field visible. Thanks again.

But generally, permissions are set on tables. If you use this, userc can have access to all forms, because if they have no read access to the tables, they are not able to run the forms… it is much simple to do not give permission to one table than search all forms for that table and select them. But if you need some table read but run only some forms, than you must use your way…