Performing mass updates of Item/Vendor/Customer Cards

Is there a method to perform updates to thousands of Customer/Vendor/Item cards all on a large scale? I know rapid start allows for importing new records, but I can’t find any documentation that indicates it can be used to change only a few fields of cards that already exist, like would it have problems validating in import?

I want to to be able change things like the Production BOM No., Production Routing No., lead time, reorder point, max inventory, reorder qty, weights, scrap %, etc, on the item cards, and fields such as Credit Limit, Payment Terms Code, Collection Method, Payment Method, in Customer Table. If I can’t use RapidStart, is there another tool I can use to update these fields in a mass/batch mode?

Thanks for any help that can be rendered!

yes, you can perform bulk update using rapidstart.
it will show error if data is not valid

Which version of NAV is this about?

But yes, you should be able to use RapidStart. Just export all the fields, change the ones you need to change and import it with all the fields you don’t need changed unchanged.

NAV 2016 CU13 W1 - would that be any different?

No, the newer the better… Your version is fine… [:)]

Hi there. I’ve tried this to update a field on customer records, but I get the error ‘you may not enter numbers manually, please activate manual nos. in no. series CUST.’

This is obviously because Rapidstart is conflicting with the number series, even though I’m not actually updating the numbers, they are just the primary key.

I can turn on manual numbers temporarily while I do it, but is there a better way? Can I tell Rapidstart to only use the customer number as the primary key, and only update the field I want it to ?

How about creating a dataport to update these values?

Not heard of those, I’ll take a look, thanks.

I was advised to use Rapidstart by our consultants, but they haven’t found a way round this problem.


You can try disabling ‘Validate Field’ for Customer No. from Config. Package Fields page.

DataPorts could have been used it it were NAV 2009 classic or older.

But its replacement “XMLPorts” can also be used for the same.

Hi, it won’t let me turn it off on that field as it is the primary key.

That looks like it will work, although it seems to bypass all validation so I’ll have to be careful!