Performances of direct AOS connection

Hello to all here is my main issue we have axapta 2.5 SP2 and 3 SP2 both in 3-tier running on the same AOS. connection: direct AOS via leased line;latency below 50 ms; around 40 concurent users; Servers: cpu usage 25% memory usage 50% but performances are absolutly bad. it take minutes just to jump from one tab to the other. does someone experienced the same situation if yes how did he solved it? thanks

Hi Alfa, do you also have this terrible performace issue with 3-tier in the LAN? “Jumping from tab to tab takes minutes” does not realy sound like a WAN (with less 50 ms latency) / WAN issue… Pirmin

I’m pretty certain that you haven’t enabled tracing … but still … If so, disable it. Also you can look if the application dir isn’t a compressed folder … If that isn’t the case … then I don’t know either what the problem is.