Performance when sharing bandwidth

Hello, before deploying Axapta 3 tier thin we had a VPN 256 kbps for smtp, as400, RPC. We upgrade for a 1Mbps. The performances are very bad over the VPN. On the LAN all is perfect. We try to configure clients over VPN with IP adress to avoid uses of UDP, we test latency with 32 bytes = 16 ms, with 2048 bytes 67% miss. I guess RPC/AS400/SMTP maybe other small services request to much of the bandwidth, then, with its modus operandi, Axapta 3 tier thin doesn’t work ? Can you explain how to bypass this limitations (Qos ?) or tell me what I miss in my investigations Best regards.

Hi, we had similar problems with remote clients. When sniffing ( the network trafic we found that axapta moved 7 MB data from the start to main menu. After installing it all over again the amount dropped under .5 MB, but still we don’t know what was the problem.

Hi again and how to test latency: The latency of the Ping command is often very optimistic because of it’s priority. Instead use Axaptas build-in latency meter: Start axapta in 3 tier and double click the activity indicator at the bottom right corner. Press the Test button on the second tabpage…