Performance issues with Navision 2.6 client on Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server

So I’m having some performance issues with the Navision client v2.6 on our windows server 2003 terminal servers.


  • Navision server running on Win2k server (C/SIDE)
  • Clients working on Win2k3 terminal servers with navision client 2.6.
  • We are migrating to DynamicsAX… But this is a project of 1+ year… Until that is finished the Navision systems still needs to be available.

At random moments the clients get extremely slow. When viewing the resource usage on TS and database server there are no abnormal things.

I do notice when user are idle for some time the system slows down.
I also noticed when users have an active connection to the TS and lock there workstation, the fin.exe process of that user jumps to 100% CPU.