Perform a Physical Inventory on a fresh NAV install

NAV2013 Fresh install. Stock on shelves

How do we perform a physical inventory in NAV?

I have tried the “How to: Perform a Physical Inventory” but Calculate Inventory does nothing since there are no transactions in NAV yet, and I cant manually key them in as it says

"Phys. Inventory must be equal to ‘yes’ in Item Journal Line: Journal Template Name=PHYS. INV.,Batch Name=DEFULT, Line No.=10000. Current Value is ‘No’.

I take it that this means that is does not expect there to be any physical stock so I cant adjust it.

This must be a common requirement. How does one do it?

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Dave K

Yes it is a common requirement! But not seen as an issue by MS as it is a one time requirement in most of the cases.

All you can do is to you use the item journal :-(.

We only get born once. Perhaps we should get rid of Midwifes and Maternity wards?

MS should think again about this. Every new installation where stock is involved requires a means of setting an initial stock quantity, even if it is a one off. It’s essential.

It doesn’t mean you have to do it manually.

It should be possible to import the actual stocks into the item journal and to just hit the button afterwards. That would be less error-prone than entering all those figures manually.

I am going to need to write a c# script to create the items (for the items that do not exist yet in NAV) and populate the Item Journal (using a Page web service in the script) to automatically enter the 1500+ stock count records.

Then I can press the button. :slight_smile:

No need for any C#, what you need is part of standard NAV.

From the physical inventory journal screen: Functions → calculate inventory → on the Options tab, put a checkmark in “Items not on inventory” → click OK. You should get a line for all of your Items in the journal, whether there is existing inventory or not.

Yes, I have tried this, but I still do not get any lines other than for items that have previously been in/out of stock. It doesn’t seem to make any difference for some reason. if you try this on a fresh install of NAV with a new company, add some items and then try a physical inventory count, you will not see those items appear even with this box ticked.

I have also set the counting period to once per year in some items and calculated the next counting period, to no avail. Maybe, I am missing something. Is it that I am testing this with the Dev license ?

If I could get this to work, it would save so much time.

Also, even if I use the Item Journal instead and use a script to populate it, there is nowhere to put a lot number.

Our customer has batch numbers against their stock (which in NAV is the LOT number).

This means that when we do this initial stock take, we would loose their batch (LOT) numbers.

Stock counts are important in a fresh install like opening balances. Surely someone has had to do this ?

Is there another way?

  • Initial stock counts including LOT numbers
  • Opening Balances

Thank you

David Kuziara


I have also tried the Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal but it says that the warehouse employee is not enabled for WMS !

Which was because of my role (RAPIDSTART)

I don’t know what kind of issue you have, someone would have to troubleshoot your particular case to figure out what the problem is. The physical inventory journal is intended precisely for what you are describing, and the standard product does provide a way to enter quantities for items that have never been used before, including lot and/or serial numbers.

Instead of forcing stuff into your system by writing scripts, you need to get help and get to the bottom of this issue. There must be a reason why it’s misbehaving.

Are there any settings within Item that need to be set for Physical inventory journal to list them with the ‘Items not on inventory’ ticked ?

I have tried on our development and our customer’s implementation of NAV 2013.

When I manually enter a line for an item, I can’t post because it says “Phys. Inventory must be equal to ‘Yes’ in Item Journal Line…”

There must be a setting somewhere. I do not have expiration calculations or put away template codes etc.

If you create a brand new customer in NAV 2013 and add some items to the items table, I think that you would see the same thing.

This is important to our customer as they will need this data.

I can’t even use a script to populate the phys inventory journal because it won’t post.

The only thing I can do is use a script to populate the ‘Item Journal’ instead (but I will have nowhere to put LOT numbers)

I can get it to work in Whse Phys. Invt. Journal.

I key in the quantity (not the physical inventory qty) and register those journal lines.

First I had to set up my location as a WMS location which was not straight forward at all :slight_smile:

But at least I know it is possible to do an initial stock take with Lot no’s.


Dave K

But if you don’t want to use WMS for this location, that’s probably not a good solution?

I would like to be able to :

  • Use bins to store stock
  • Set the stock quantities per bin on a fresh install of NAV 2013.
  • But not directed pick and put away.

Is this possible ?


Dave K