PDF417 Barcode

Hello, I would like to print PDF417 barcodes from Navision. I’ve searched for information on the internet but i can’t find any starting points. Can anybody help me or does anybody have experiences with PDF417 and Navision? Thanks, Henry

Henry, The following link has been very helpful to me: http://www.idautomation.com/pdf417faq.html In a nutshell, pdf417 is one of the few barcodes that needs an encoder/image generator to make the barcode, as opposed to using a font. The above company has an ocx that works with navision to map your data into the barcode image (wmf) from there you can load theimage into a blob, calfield and print on your report. The details of the control are here: http://www.idautomation.com/activex/pdf417manual.html#Microsoft_VB_6 Good luck! -john

Thanks for your reply John. I visited this website but didn’t see it (maybe because i didn’t know it was such a easy solution :)). So just buy and install the ActiveX control, create the text in a report to be encoded and insert a blob in your report which will use the encoded text?

Tel - Did you buy the control and have any luck? -john

Hello John, I didn’t buy the control…the intention was there but after some more research i found the following solution: The barcode should be printed on a Zebra printer. After some research on their site i discovered that it could be solved with ZPL (Zebra Print Language). We’ve created a Navision report with ZPL as output. This is send to the printer which translates it to a PDF417. The printer must support the PDF417 code otherwise it doesn’t work. So no control needed because the printer translates the ZPL to a PDF417 barcode. Thanks again for your input to this problem (also the other people who responded). I hope it will be for some use for other readers. Grtzz, Henry