PDF Printer for Windows Server 2003

Does anyone know of a free or cheap PDF printer application that supports Server 2003?

We were trying to use Acrobat but aparently it does not support Server 2003. We want to install it on our ERP server for one or two home users to use via Terminal Services to print PO’s to PDF files and e-mail to vendors.


search the forum for PDF & you’ll come up with many applications there are: www.pdf995.com www.amyuni.com http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ http://www.snapfiles.com/downloadfind.php?lc=1&action=s&st=pdf http://www.software602.com/store/print2pdf.html the list goes on & on just search google if you need more choices

We are currently using CutePdf (http://www.cutepdf.com/) on our 2003 Server, look for the freeware version. Saludos Nils

We are using ZEON PDF which is not free but works quite well. You can generate PDF’s unattended as you are able to tell the driver what file name to use for printing. If you need more info just reply.

We use PDF995 and that works fine. See http://www.pdf995.com/ Free demo application is available. Gerrit

Kevin, We have also successfully used 995. I can’t say with certainty we’ve had it installed on server 2k3 but wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try. Brad :slight_smile:

CutePDF worked great - thanks!