PDF Mailer/Navision - problems with font display/output

Dear allSeeing as though there are some PDF Mailer users on here I thought it might be useful to see if anyone has any useful pointers for a rather odd problem i’m investigating.

Customer uses GotoMaxx PDF Mailer in conjunction with Nav 4.0 and Lotus Notes to distribute pdf documents to customers. This works across a number of european offices but in one particular location (Slovakia) the PDFs created from Navision are not formatted in terms of font output. Two issues, one that seems to have huge spacing between words and then in another example the font is condensed in a way that there is no spacing between some letters. So two issues that are totally opposite in terms of the problem. I am convinced it’s a PDF Mailer problem because the problem only exists when using the application with Navision to create the PDFS. PDFs created outside of PDF Mailer are formatted ok

What I’m trying to find out is how this can be altered with PDFMailer/Font setup. I have read the GotoMaxx manual but there is nothing in terms of troubleshooting any problems. I am going to log a support case with them but reading the comments about how quickly they respond is not really encouraging me :wink:

I would be happy to provide an example of the wrong formatting of the fonts but if anyone has any pointers/information I would be happy to read any responses.