PDF Driver

Someone mentioned a PDF driver where you can but a resellers licence which allows you to pass the driver on to your customers at no extra charge. I think there was a link to download a trial version as well. I cannot find the thread now! Any feedback on the best drivers? Any ideas?

dunno, but I do know you can download free (shareware) driver from download.com.

http://www.amyuni.com Works great in all environments we tried so far. Great for emailing reports, automatic storage of pdf’s and so on. /Lars

www.pdf995.com It’s free and works fine… I guess not as sophisticated as amyuni, but it does the job. Saludos Nils

Hi, I have downloaded the same but it doesn’t look working. I am trying to print to file to PDF995 from navision report preview. It is asking for the file name to be saved and i have given it. But this file is not getting saved Can somebody pls tell me if any of you had problems like this working with PDF. Best regards Anu

Hi Anu, try “printing” the file instead of the preview… as the preview doesn’t actually “print” the file, the pdf writer won’t save the file, sounds somehow logical. We haven’t had any problems with pdf995, yet always using the print command. Saludos Nils

Hi Nils, This issue is solved and i am able to save in pdf.I was initially trying to write to “print to file” .Later tried with out printing to a file option and it worked. Best regards, Anu

Hi Lars I downloaded the driver from http://www.amyuni.com/ it works just fine. It lloks like if you purchase the developer you can let your customers have the run time object free of any additional charges [:D] I also found a post with your sample code. Not had time to test it as yet. [:p] Many thanks

Yes. You are right. Buy the Dev. Edition and You can distribute the run-time. We have a lot of customers running Amyuni and it’s working great. /Lars


You can download the required pdf software and drivers here. Check for many more softwares and I hope this might help you.

free software downloads


Try this,

Free even in commercial environment

easy to pass code to


used it in many instals