PDA and user portal

My company want to implement Navision, but I need to know if is possible to use PDA and connect the PDA over the Internet to the user portal. I want to know if one user can input in user portal orders using a PDA. Thank you

Have You looked at Expandit’s solutions for PocketPC? http://www.expandit.com

Thank you very much, I will look there, but I ask not for a SFA program. I want to know if the PDA can connect to Navision user portal to input orders. Without SFA program.

You could try contacting Digital Vantage Point. They may be able to help you with this request: http://www.dvp.net/navision.asp Django

We could only advice one thing: DON’T USE USER PORTAL! I heard from several collegues that this is not the most reliable and flexible product Navision has produced. If it is for internal use (your own people taking in orders), why not use a terminal session and create a miniform for this user, which you connect to a userlogin specific for a webuser? Expandit might be a good alternative, since you don’t have to be online all the time to take orders, which will save you a lot of money. I also heard the userportal will be replaced by another product, can anyone confirm this?

We actually got the same advice from Microsoft Business Solutions: don’t use User Portals. Not because it’s not reliable - they claim it is. But it’s because User Portals is based on old and more or less unsupported Microsoft technology. It requires Windows NT, Internet Explorer 5.5 and Digitaldashboard development kit!