Payroll with Outside Temp Services & Own Employees

I am a certified Navision Solution Developer and Payroll Specialist who is currently working outside the Navision world [:(!] My current job is with a company in the USA (in the outer suburbs of Boston) which has a large number of temp employees. I am one of them. Some of them (like me) work directly for the company, most of them are hired through temp agencies. How would my employer (who is badly in need of a real accounting system like Navision, BTW! Any NSC’s in search of another client are welcome to contact me…) be able to use the payroll system (as well as the job costing system) to keep track of all its labor costs? As I understand things, temp agencies charge the client the employee’s wages PLUS a set percentage. Possibly some costs (e.g., insurance) get charged back from the temp agency to the client. The employees are officially employed by the temp agency. Sometimes the same person might be hired by multiple temp agencies, and occasionally a temp-agency employee will be hired permanently by the client company. Theoretically, it is impossible for an internal employee to be hired by the temp agency and then sent back to the company, because the contract between the temp agency and the client forbids this— but it might happen from time to time in practice. My first throught would be to set up all employees as Employees, with the outside temp-agency employees being flagged as Agency employees. A regular internal employee would be treated like a regular employee: the hours would be entered into the time journal, and all the taxes, etc. would be handled through the payroll journal. But how would you handle the temps? What you want in the end is a receivable against the temp agency, which you would place on an invoice, but what are the steps involved in getting there? How would handle the fact that temp employees have some overhead costs included explicitly in their hourly costs whereas internal employees have to have these costs imputed to them? Right now, the company seems to have separate job costing and payroll setups. I do not know whether the temp agency gets invoiced separately for each worker they send over, or whether they get one invoice for every employee. I do know that the temp agencies prefer to have individual timesheets for each employee---- and the internal employees get paid on a different schedule. Temp agencies all pay their employees on a weekly basis (on a Sunday-Saturday week); they collect the hours from their workers by Monday or Tuesday and cut a check on Wednesday. The company pays its own employees on a two-week cycle (also Sun-Sat), and currently they use a two-week time sheet as well (entering the hours on the Friday afernoon before the pay cycle ends or the following Monday, and cutting the checks on the Thursday after the pay cycle ends.) I do not know whether the managers would be able to understand the concept of collecting time sheets every week (or even every day) from every employee even if he or she is only paid once every two weeks. I DO know that the temp agencies would be unwilling to pay THEIR employees every two weeks.