Payroll Vacation Accrual Setup with Activation Codes

I am tryng to setup a Vacation Accrual Payroll Control based on the following information:

During the first 5 years of employment, an employee accrues 4% vacation per pay period. This 4% is based on the number of hours they have actually worked in that period. After 5 years of employment, they then begin to accrue 6% vacation per hours worked in a pay period.

I am trying to use an Activation Code that is setup based on the Employment Date with a +5Y date formula, but it does not seem to be working as I believe it should.

The setup if have so far is:

  1. ADD BASE AMOUNT (All Hours worked)

  2. TAXABLE X TAX% RATE (with a bracket setup for 4%)

  3. EXCEPT UNTIL ACTIVE (using the Activation Code I setup)

  4. TAXABLE X TAX% RATE (with a bracket setup for 6%).

The result of this setup is using the 6% accrual rate all the time, ignoring the Activation Code in Step 3.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Hi and welcome to forum,

Payroll is not a standart part of Navision in most countries, few localized versions have it “out of box”.
Please specify what Payroll ypu are speaking about? It’s very likely you use some Payroll AddOn…

P.S. I’m not quite sure is it Navision at all - as you say you’re from US, maybe it’s GP? (With your first post you could miss the appropriate forum part to post to…)

Sorry about that…I am working with Dynamics NAV using the Serenic Payroll AddOn.

Seems we haven’t here Serenic Payroll experts - so such very specific question will be difficult to answer…

I did some search, people mostly asked where to get Serenic’s own manuals or documentation, so it seems to be a problem even for those having this Serenic AddOn. (just as for you [:)] )
Have you tried to contact Serenic directly - or your implementation Partner, who is directly in charge to help you with setting things up?

We ended up using the Activation Codes at the Employer Rate level. This allowed us to build the control using the 5 Year Employment Date Activation code to control which percentage their vacation accrual was based on.


you can use the attendance software vacation accrual for vacation tracking i hope it will help you …

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