Payments automatically getting applied to posted sales invoices


We are having issues with payments automatically getting applied to any posted sales invoices. This is only happening to two customers out of our 34. I’ve checked and re-checked the setting on Customer Card and everything is same as rest of our customer’s Cards.

What exactly happens is,

Sales Invoice INV-12345 gets posted on 04/26/2017

Payment gets applied to the INV-12345 on 04/26/2017 even though we have not received any payment yet for this INV-12345.

How do we stop this automatic payment mechanism.

Please advise



Go to customer card - payments tab - ‘Payment Method Code’ field. Please drill down and check if ‘Balance Acc. No.’ is set for the selected code. If it is set, your invoices will get automatically applied.

Actually there is field 55 (Bal. Account No.) in table 36 (Sales Header); this is the field that finally triggers the “payment”.

Field 55 may get it’s value from that Payment Method mentioned. And the method comes initially from Customer, tranferred till Sales Header, and here it may be changed.
Or field “Bal. Account No.” gets it’s value directly from user as the field is fully editable; this is the way it was done in “anciant days” before the Payment Method was invented.