Payment Tolerance

Hi All,

Sorry I do not know is this correct forum for my subject query.

I need some guidance for Payment Tolerance.
I had done Payment Tolerance setup as per instructions.

  1. Created 1 new G/L account - 99999
  2. In General Ledger Setup tick Payment Tolerance Warning, Payment Tolerance Posting - Payment Tolerance Accounts,
    Max. Payment Tolerance Amount - 0.99
    3.In Customer Posting Group-Payment Tolerance Debit Acc.- 99999(for all Posting groups).

I have made a Sales Invoice of 950, while doing Bank Payment Receipt I done apply enties, it copied Rs.1,084 (it includes all Tax,VAT,Serv. Tax etc) then I changed amount to 1083 & post it, but no warning, no effects to Tolerance account(99999).
In Cust. Ledger Entry, for Invoice entry its showing Remaining Amount as 1.
My expectation was that 1 rupee should go to 99999 account & Invoice should be closed.

why it is so? whr i have made mistake? any idea?