Payment methods in Accounts R. - File format for export files


I’m having a problem with export files within Accounts Receivable > Setup > Payment > Payment methods.

I have a setup that is correct, but the problem is, that when I create a payment export, it seems to be a problem in the Export file format. (Accounts Receivable > Setup > Payment > Payment methods - file format).

So, my question in, how do i create a new file format (and where) and where can I modify a existing file format? Where do I find these file formats, that are available in this folder, file formats for method of payments.?

Thank you.

Click on setup button on the file format tab, it would show u the default formats available. Though I have no Idea how they r customized.[:D]

It is a developers role to alter these formats in the AOT.

Hello, Thanks it seems to be a developers task to create the export file defined by the outsorces part.

Hi adam, is it required to set up a check payment. we usually pay by check. So do we need to set up file format (under method of payment for vendor) however, we do credit card and wire transfers occasionally


If you pay by check you will not need an electronic file exported, just a manual check or print one.