Payment journal lines Deleted from front end but not tables, hence wrong posting done

Hello Friends,

Ax Version - Dynamics Ax 2012 R3

I am facing issue in Payment journal lines, where i have deleted some lines from journal Line from front end and after deletion it is not showing in front end but available in DB table so when user post the journal, deleted lines also included in posting and due to it, posting goes wrong. When we check the total debit/Credit in Journal line header than it is including the deleted line value which is not available in front end.

So is it possible that when we go to delete the lines than it is removed from form and reside in table at back end.

Pls help me friends!!

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B K Sharma

I don’t think that the standard code/design will put you into this situation, Are there any changes to the standard? Were you able to reproduce the issue?

Ya Kranthi,

Same is happning and we have not done any customization on payment journal form. No we are not able to reproduce the issue.

After some R&D we found that when user deleted the line from LedgerJournalTrans than record related to it from Table ‘LedgerJournalTransTaxExtensionIN’ deleted and not from LedgerJournalTrans and hence it is not showing in front because there is an inner join between this tables.

There is a Cascade Delete action over LedgerJournalTrans(Primary Table) for table LedgerJournalTransTaxExtensionIN (Child Table) so when we go to delete record from primary table child table data also delete.

But there is only Child table record deleting in Some cases from form.


B K Sharma

I think now you should be able to reproduce the issue. You have the ledgerJournalTrans that doesn’t have extension table record. Create it by yourself and try to delete the ledgerJournalTrans from the form and see if you can reproduce the issue.