Payment discount given

Hi all,

when I post an invoice which has a payment terms with a discount % informed, the systems shows me an import in the “Payment discount given (LCY)” field in customer entries but I don`t see “Remaining pmt. disc. possible and original pmt. disc. possible” fields with any import. What am I doing wrong?.

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Aren’t you using a payment method that automatically posts payment when you post and invoice? Is customer ledger entry closed? If entry if already applied is no need to change possible payment discount.

hi Nuno,

I`m using a payment terms with this set up:

discount date calculation= 8D

discount %=2

calc.pmt. disc. on credit memos=yes

then I post an invoice with this set up. When I check the customer entries, I can see the pmt.disc.given (LCY) field but the original pmt. disc. possible and remaining pmt. disc possible are with zero import. The customer entry is open but I have understand in the training material, the system should inform an import in these fields although the entry is open.

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On the General Ledger Setup, did you make sure the Adjust for Payment Disc. field is checked?

What Alex Chow told you it’s correct. I don’t k now your country but you should also confirm your localization payment discounts methods. For example in Portugal we have several options of making payment discounts

hi Alex,

I have marked the Adjust for Payment Disc field on the General Ledger Setup.

Then I post a sales invoice with a “Payment terms code” which has a discount %. When I go to the customer entries, I can see the system has calculated an import in the "Pmt. Disc. Given (LCY)" field but not in the “Original Pmt. Disc. Possible" and "Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible” fields.

Thank you very much.

hi Nuno.

I am from Spain. I have a payment discount set up but I dont know why I cant see any import in those fields.

Thank you very much.

I can’t reproduce your problem ……

hi Nuno,

Could you please, tell me the steps you are following?, I`ll try to follow you.

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You’re welcome. Glad to be of service.