Payment Applications on SQL

I have a client who runs Navision 3.70 on SQL Server. When receiving payments from customers all is fine if the payment is applied to invoice(s) at the time of posting. However the client usually receives payments and posts these without application in the first instance. At a later date the client would apply the payment across invoices already held in the customer ledger entry table. When trying to do this, or apply credit memos to invoices, we receive an error to the effect that another user has altered the table since the data was retrieved - even in a standalone system with myself as the only user… I have looked through SQL logs and tried debugging the Navision code but to no avail. If I take a back-up from the client’s SQL based system and restore to a Navision proprietry database back-end then this problem doesn’t occur. I have even tried this with the CRONUS test data but get the same error. Has anyone seen this error or know of a fix? Regards Bob Hales -

Hi The first thing you may want to check is that the Cronus database you are restoring is the entire database (not just the company) and that it is not-modified. The second thing relates to the payment tolerance flag, have a look at this posting Although it does appear a hot fix has been released for this issue.

I’m happy that the CRONUS database is complete and that it is a bug. I’m now looking for the hotfix but so far without success. I have tried searching mibuso and the main MS site, via our gold partner login but nothing comes up under Navision hot fix, hotfix, patch or patches… Can you point me to a download site for the required hot fix? Many thanks

You’ll probably need to contact Microsoft for the UK ones, although partnersource US has the W1 ones from memory - not something I get involved with I am afraid, maybe someone else will post an answer!!

Thanks for the pointer. From the pointer the suggested hotfix 6 in w1 seems to be for version 3.10 and no mention of the specific problem. However, also suggested from the link you gave me was to block payment tolerance. I have tried this for payment applications within customers and it does appear to solve the problem… I have yet to try this with Vendors. Regards Bob.

Hi I have tried this using my version of 3.70 and have no issues. Unsure where to go next, the other log implied either a required code fix or a conflict with a modification, if you have no modifications it could well be acode issue in the “way” you are processing and the steps you are taking, you could always report the specific issue to Microsoft.