Passing manipulations to external application

Dear Experts,

I am facing an integration issue.

My case is, I have updated the existing customers with some values and I want to traverse the changes to the third party application Through WSDL.

I mean I have to send the changed values to third party application through WSDL and perform the changes there to keep AX and the application in sync.

Hope somebody can help me with it.

Thanks in advance.

If your AX version is 2012 you can use change tracking to track changes on CustTable.

Change Tracking in AX2012 R3

In AX 2009 as one of possibility you can write your logic for tracking changes in methods insert and update on table level.

To send changes to third party application you need to consume external web service in AX. This also depends on AX version.

Thanks for the reply, Aliaksandr Maksimau.

I am using AX 2012 R3.

Here you can find how to call external web service from AX 2012

Calling an External Web Service

Thank you Aliaksandr Maksimau!!!

This helped me.