Passing codes between forms

If I open the standard customer list form, select a customer from the list and then take an option from one of the menus at the bottom of this form e.g. Customer Card, the information displayed on the subsequent form will be relative to the selected customer. What do I need to do to implement similar functionality on a new list I’m designing? The new form I have designed uses a new table that includes the customer no. on each record, but is not the primary key. Is this the reason for the problem? Thanks for any help

In the Customer Card, the Customer Button, review the properties… RunObject RunFormView RunFormLink RunFormLink Type Example Customer Card, Customer Button, Cross References.

In addition… adding a customer no. key to your (new) table and using that view on the look-up form will improve performance.

You’re looking for the RunFormLinkType property of the menu item or button that opens the associated form. Set this to OnUpdate and the new form will follow the link from the form that it is called from. Open the menu items list of the Customer button, like Jonathan suggested, select the cross reference and open the properties page to see how it’s done.

Perfect, thank you very much. Should have known that but when you right click on a menuitem in design mode, the context menu does not include the properties option as it does on most controls. I just didn’t think to look under the view menu. Possible enhancement for the next release?