Partners required Create Nav E Learning Video

Hi Folks,

I am not sure if such postings are allowed but are any of you able to recommend or in contact with Nav Training Partners who are able to create customised NAV E Learning Videos for end user training.

The videos should cover cover key standard flows within Nav 3.70 however we would also require some custom processes/flows to be captured. Audio is also required.

Any help is much appreciated and feel free to contact me if you are in the know or actually offer the service. The potential customer is the Worlds Leading Duty Free and Travel retail company so the scope and potential is very large.



I really don’t understand the question.

Are you on 3.7 or are they on 3.7?
It’s an old version and nobody knows how to use it?

Why not make the video’s yourself if it has great potential?

We are on 3.7 and Infostore version 4.51. I would suggest there are still partners able to use and support this version.

Lastly, I cannot make videos myself as I have other tasks hence why we are looking at partners to outsource to.


Ok you’re on 3.7. I can understand you you would like traning videos of the processes of your business for new employees, I just don’t understand what that has to do with some potential customer. that’s all.

I was merely enquiring if there are any members of this forum who are involved in or know of companies specialising in such training materials.