Partial invoice Inter-company PO line not showing while invoicing


We have created an intercompany PO(10 qty) and 9 qty have been invoiced. When I try to invoice the PO the pending invoice remaining one line not showing while i am selecting Default quantity for lines: Product Receipt quantity.

If I select “Order Quantity” that remaining one item is showing.

Please find the below screenshot for reference:

Can anyone help to that remain one quantity to show while invoicing process?

I’m assuming that piece of inventory is already received, right? I don’t see a product receipt in the “product receipt” field in the above screenshot. What happens if you click the “Match product receipts” button?

Thanks for the replay Jake,

When I click the match product receipts button. that particular 28th line not showing that form please find the below screenshot for your reference.

We have invoiced in 10 Pcs IC Sales Order. Please find the below screenshot:

I have received 10 Pcs in IC PO:

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Can you try replicating a similar scenario in a non-production environment? Create an IC order, receive it partially, and then go check if you can invoice it in more than one part?

Hi Jake,

I have replicated the same scenario. I have invoiced the quantity partially. once I clicked the invoice button the remaining quantity getting the line. working properly.

Note: I was getting that particular line when we select the “Order quantity” with a matching variant issue. but in this case I have selected the “Product Receipt quantity” it will not be getting the line.

what do the inventory transactions look like for that PO line? Is there two lines - one with 9 invoiced and 1 received?

Hi Jake,

one line only available in inventtrans table.

Please find the front end that item transaction:

Please find the below inventtransorigin and inventtrans table record that item(PO).

Seems odd. What would happen if you change the quantity to “ordered” and then delete all the other lines that you don’t want to invoice in the lines section? Try that in a test environment and see if it throws an error or something.

are you telling like to change “status receipt:Ordered” in inventtrans table. or else ?

Can you please elaborate?

no, in the “Default quantity for lines” field. to see if it will invoice.

  1. Once I have select the Default quantity for lines: Order quantity… I was getting that remains 1 quantity. But I have facing 3way matching error(matching variance) like >!< Symbol all the remaining lines and including that 1 line also.

hmm. maybe someone else has some ideas. im guessing you can’t test what happens if you turn off 3-way matching for that line…

One of our functional consultant suggest me that above way like turn off 3 way matching for that line. But I don’t know any impact to if turn off that 3 way matching.

Is there anything difference between Default quantity for lines: “Order quantity” and "Product Receipt quantity " while selecting the invoice form

Yeah. The “Order quantity” will propose an invoice for everything that’s not already invoiced, regardless of status. The “product receipt” selection only proposes an invoice for things that are already received.

On the PO line, you should be able to change the matching policy from three-way to two-way to test if it will let you invoice it. Again, do this in a test environment first to make sure there aren’t any unintended consequences.