Partial Conversion of Sales Quote to Order

Dear ALL,

I need to convert sales Quote partially into sale Order.

Suppose i have 10 items in sales quote i need to convert only 5 lines of item to sales order now and keep the rest in sales quote



In this case, instead of Sales Quote, use Blanket Order.

Better to know what is meaning of the documents Like sales Quote , Sales order , Blanket order , sales invoice.

Some times client will ask in different way , if you know the Purpose/meaning of the document , u ask how it is posssible .

Dear All,

If we raise Blanket Order then the same will be included in Purchase Planning

It should not be included in the Purchase Planning



There is no method in the standard application to provide this functionality.

You could make a change to the conversion codeunit # 86 Sales-Quote to Order that checks for a specifc value in the Quote Line (quantity = 0 for example) and then skips that line.

Is that what you wnat?

I reccomend use blanket orders… It is the same as quote but allow to convert to SO partially…