Partial and Complete shipment with Planning Orders

Hi In Navision Attain 3.60 the Shipping Advice flag (“Complete/Parital”) controls whether the order has to be complete, or can be shipped in parts. If I load an order with two lines (Part “A” and Part “B”) and both items are production items, if I create the production order through the planning section and create an item order so I get two production orders I can then work on the individual items. If Part “A” is complete a week before Part “B” even if the customer and order is set to “Partial” I cannot ship Part “A” until Part “B” has completed production. I receive the message that the “Reserved Item Part “B” is not on inventory”. Apart from the obvious of loading seperate sales orders for the individual items, has anyone any ideas?

As an addendum If I load an order today with the following two items: Part “D” manufactured 1 off due 05/05/03 Part “E” stocked item 10 off due today If I create a production order for part “D” I cannot ship the order until Part “D” is finished, even though I have stock of part “E” that can be shipped today (Customer shipping advice set to “Partial”) hhhhhmmmmmmmm [:o)]

might as well carry on answering my own question! [:D] This is down to the Quantity to Ship field being populated, on both lines. To get this to work I have to manually reduce the Quantity to Ship to zero and then ship the one I have in stock and then manually increase the Quantity to Ship bak to the Quantity ordered. Trouble is the batch routine is being used to ship the items that are being updated by barcode scanners, so manual alterations don’t exactly look slick! [:D] Ho hum, try and get it programmed around!