Parent/ Child relation for custom financial dimension

In our company legal entity name is HML and having two business units as SBU-A ,SBU-B. We have various branch offices created under Departments as HO, BRANCH1,BRANCH2,BRANCH3. I have created custom financial dimenseions DIVISIONS under BRANCH1, BRANCH2,BRANCH3 . Again created SECTIONS under DIVISIONS as given below .

I have several financial dimensions (system/user defined) configured in AX 2012. We have to establish a hierarchy within it . The Business unit(system), Departments(system), Division(user defined) and Section (user defined) etc related . This hierarchy does not have any relation with Main Account. If we select Business unit, Branch offices(Departments) under the selected Business unit has to be popped up. If we select Branch office, the divisions under that particular branch has to be popped up and if we select the division, the sections under the division has to be popped up. This hierarchy is to be applicable in all modules.

While entering the journal if I select department as BRANCH1 and division as ACCOUNTS the sections avaiable should be FINANCE, PAYMENTS, COSTING only. Can we use relation ship , Advanced rule option in accounting structure for this purpose. can any one tell me what is the use of Organization hierachy, Dimension set, Category hierchy etc in AX2012. Where can I use this.How do I set the hierarchical in AX 2012 R2. Is organizationhierarchy, dimension set can be used for this purpose. If yes how





















You asked too many questions in one thread. Well i will try to answer few:

  1. For the financial dimension relation, you can use advanced rules structure. Create the rules as required and add it to COA structure.

  2. Financial dimension set are used for organizing financial data for Main account and financial dimension combination. You will be required to create at least one set as reports like trial balance require financial dimension set as mandatory field. However, don’t create too many dimension set, it has performance impact.

  3. Organization hierarchy is defined to outline organization structure, begins with legal entity and down to department, cost center etc. This should ideally be created as financial dimension values for department and cost center based on this data.


Thank you very much for immediate response.

In our context we have several financial dimensions (system/user defined) configured in AX 2012. We have to establish a hierarchy within it . This hierarchy does not have any direct relation with Main Account. But the company(LE), Branches(SBU), Divisions(Department) and Sections(custom dimension) have a parent child relation( around 100 dimension items). So in the transactions we need to select these dimensions irrespective of main account. If we are going to configure in account structure against each main account(above 1000), we need to map one lakh combinations, which is practically not possible. Is there any other method to do this.

Similiarly, what is the use of GROUP field in financial dimension form.